Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BC Deer Protection Society protests at Kimberley council meeting

By the Broadcast Center News Team
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kimberley council may have approved a second cull for the city Monday night, but that doesn't mean all residents are pleased with the outcome.

The British Columbia Deer Protection Society were in attendance at the meeting of council, bringing with them protest signs, speaking out against the deer cull approved last night.

Some of the messaging on the signs said "Educate, don't annihilate," "Culling wastes tax dollars," and "Culling is inhumane and ineffective."

The Society also sent a letter to the city, outlining their stance on the deer cull and urging council to vote against any motion involving lethal population control.

A letter the society sent to city council states that council shouldn't "shine more negative light on Kimberley by choosing to slaughter deer once again."

The letter also quotes the BC SPCA, saying Kimberley "must aim to address the cause of the deer habituation, rather than opt for a convenient, short-term action that will divide its citizens."

Council has been discussing measures around urban deer for a number of meetings, leading up to the approval given for a second cull at Monday night's meeting.

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  1. It is the protests like this that are the voice for deer...I hope this getsa lot of media attention. Politicians listen to the media if not their own citizens!


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