Thursday, October 15, 2015

Police Investigate Alleged Shooting of Deer in Oak Bay

October 15, 2015 07:30 from Adam Stirling

“Oak Bay police are investigating the possible shooting of deer in the municipality last night.

Residents in the Uplands area reported seeing a white van around 7:30pm approach a group of deer assembled on a boulevard. What is believed to have been a gunshot rang out as the deer scattered.

A nearby homeowner says what appeared to be an injured buck took refuge in their back yard for a period of time after the incident.

Police inspected the scene today and found evidence of an animal losing significant amounts of blood, but there was no sign of the buck.

The van is described only as white and being a late-90s model. Anyone with any information is asked to contact police.”

We are NOT going to be terrified into using our tax dollars to bolt gun deer in the head because these frustrated gardeners "mean business." Our municipal leaders need to be cognizant of the violence that this shooting has perpetrated on us all by the thinly veiled threat that was intended by this cowardly act.

We want safe cities that manage wildlife using science and compassion. Anything else will leave us all vulnerable to the violent-minded.

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